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Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Fun

Father's Day in Texas has meant a pool party with friends and food and late night fun for the parents. We have been lucky with good weather for two years in a row, and this year we hit the jackpot by having our wonderful friends, the Kemps in town to share the weekend with us.

This year the pool has been so much more fun, and so much less intimidating than last year with the kids. Gretchen and Alex are so much more comfortable in the pool, and I am much more confident, especially now that Gretchen is officially swimming on her own. We did a full session of crash course swim lessons at The Woodlands Infant Aquatics and they took her from swimming confidently with floaties to being completely self sufficient in the water in a matter of 6 weeks. Impressive.

And little Alex is having so much more fun in the water. He's not quite the aqua baby that Gretchen was at this age, but I think he'll quickly get up to speed now that the weather requires us to be in the pool pretty much daily. 

Speaking of water babies, we are always thrilled to have these two beautiful ladies (and their parents) join us, especially when the pool is involved. They are complete mermaids.

Gretchen and Talia are still attached at the hip whenever they're together
The day was to celebrate Dad. Our favorite poolmate, the one who slides with us, the best putter-to-bedder, the one who always knows how to put on a show or get the TV to work, and who lets Mommy sleep in even when he wakes up earlier than everyone else any other day of the week. Happy Father's Day Jon, you're an example of Fatherhood at its finest.
The Man of the day with his little buddy
The true test of Dadhood is making down the slide with your little one with both of you still smiling at the bottom.

Mission Accomplished!
Gretchen was as happy as we were to have baby William to meet for the first time. She played the part of the doting big sister and was completely enamored with her new little buddy.

Whether baby William was on board with all of this attention has yet to be seen. 

Our lovely friends, we are so glad to have met your son and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. If only it could happen more often! We miss you and would love to have you back as often as possible!