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Below is a list of services that I have either used or had recommended to me that I would like to pass along to others.  Another resource that I find helpful is the BAIN (Buenos Aires International Newcomers) Resource List that I also contribute to.

  • Hair
    • Terrie Orr - Roosevelt 1935, Belgrano.  Phone: 11 3432-4141.  English speaking hairdresser that works out of her home.  Now offering eyebrow waxing!
  • Nails
    • Hairmony - Av. Quintana 432: 4808-0308 -Full beauty salon with hair and nail services.  Some English spoken - ask for Valeria.
    • Nail Designers - Juncal 1615:  4813-1892 - Good color selection but they don't use water for pedicures.
    • Queenies - Fitz Roy 1879: 4899-0746 - Great OPI and Chanel color selection, clean, modern salon.
    • Yin Yang Pie - Arenales 2189:  4824-2011 - Great for foot/leg massages, no water with pedicure.
  • Skin Care/Waxing
    • Natalie - Recoleta, 15-6782-8114.  Body waxing out of her home, only Saturday appointment taken.  Spanish speaking only.
    • Sylvia Milicay -  Caballito, Acoyte and Felipe Vallese, 4978-7230. Facials and chemical peels, dermatological services.  English spoken. 
    Food and Drink
    • Anuva Wine Tasting - Unassuming local wine tastings.  Delicious, unique wines, perfect food pairings. 
    • Gran Cru - Rodriguez Peña 1886: 4816-3975 - Wine shop that offers tastings in a beautiful back room.  Great wines, knowledgable connoisseur, 4 bottle minimum consumption. 
    • Grace Albornoz: grace_albornoz@hotmail.com, cell phone: 15-5159-8836. Offers English and Spanish/Castellano lessons, private or small group. Contact directly for current hourly rates.
    • BASP - Language school, holds full-time and hourly rate classes, available in group or solo settings.   
    • ECELA -Language school, full-time and group and private classes.  12 levels of instruction with organized activities and complimentary tutoring.

    • Bettina Rizzi -Tailor made leather and fur coats.  4-hour guarantee. 
    • Uru Recoleta - Reasonably priced custom made leather coats and purses.  24-hour guarantee with delivery service available.
    • Rossi & Caruso -  Leather purses, wallets, shoes and jackets. 
    • Dentist: Dr. Norman Darling: Uriburu 1054 p10F, 4927-3187. *English speaking, with Spanish speaking staff.
    • General Practitioner: Centro, Paraguay 1307 P5-45, 4812-1121. She speaks perfect English, is very personable and helpful. Her receptionist does not speak English.
    • OB/GYN: Dr. Juan Carlos Procaccini: Demaria 4670 Piso 3, Palermo 5787-0147 *English speaking, with Spanish speaking staff. Works out of Sanitario de la Trinidad.
    • Pediatrician: Dr. Andres Sibbald: Ayacucho 1641 Piso 13A, Recoleta 4801-7595. *English speaking pediatrician, with Spanish speaking staff. Downtown office hours: M-W 3:00pm – 7:30pm, Th 9:30 – 12:30pm.
    • Neptuno Viajes -  Valeria Berwick (54)(11) 5218 4414, Arenales 963, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Custom travel agency specializing in South American travel.
    • Sundance Spirit Allan Falck - (54) 11-4313-6626. San Martin 881, floor 4 suite "G", Buenos Aires, Argentina.  South American and African tour company with multiple country destinations and personalized packages.