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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Posadas 1519, Recoleta - Tonight we finally tried a restaurant that has been recommended to us for a while now. We were originally going to go to Sottovoce but Jon's parents wanted to try a more traditional place that serves the grilled meats that Argentina is known for. We decided on Fervor, a restaurant that was recommended for it's steak dishes and extensive seafood items, something that is relatively rare here in Bs. As. The irony of it all was when I visited Fervor's website, I realized that the restaurant is run by the same owners of Sottovoce, so we really got the best of both worlds. Just like it's Italian sister, Fervor starts your meal with a great plate of cheese, pickled vegetables and cured meats. They also have a great, seemingly unlimited selection of breads that they bring to the table immediately after you sit down. The differences between Fervor and and Sottovoce really begin when you open the menu and see the long list of meat items that they have to offer. There is a list of beef and pork cuts and types of seafood to choose from, and then a list of salads and sides that you order separately, but you will want to go along with your big plate of meat. We each chose a different beef item, probably better described in pictures, so here goes:

Lornie's "Asado" which looked to me like an enormous rack of beef ribs.
Jon's Dad's "Ojo de Bife" - FYI, it was 450 grams.
Jon's petite filet, the 400 gram "Lomo"
My "Brochette de Lomo", it came on a skewer and the waiter removed the skewer for me, which I appreciated even if it made for a less appetizing picture.

Everyone agreed that the meal was delicious. We also ordered mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, grilled vegetables and french fries, which we clearly did not need. It was nice to have something to cut the meat though, even if we weren't able to finish it all. All in all, Fervor makes the list of places we will now frequent when we're looking for a meat fix. Two thumbs up!

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