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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Libertador 1098, Recoleta - Sottovoce cannot be missed. Amazing Italian food, great service, a pleasant ambiance and it's great location less than 2 blocks from our house make it a regular dinner stop for us. The meal always starts out with an assortment of spreads, cheeses or pate to adorn the large basket of fresh bread they provide. The assortment is always different, tonight was my favorite so far; the zucchini and sun dried tomato combination was incredibly good. In addition to the huge basket of bread, they always give you a warm, flaky roll similar to a croissant. Delicious. I'm sure all of the appetizers are good, but we have yet to order anything but the calamari. It is the absolute best I have ever had. They're even nice enough to divide it onto two plates for us, and serve it with a little salad on the side.

For main dishes, Jon generally favors the gnocchi and the lasagna while I favor the pollo al limon. In addition, the wine pours are generous (to the point of ridiculous) and if you save room for dessert, there isn't a bad choice on the menu. We generally don't save room for dessert, but our regular waiter has been generous enough to reward us with a bowl of ice cream on two separate occasions. If I were to choose one place to eat in Bs. As. it would be a toss up between Sottovoce and Lola. We have a tendency to eat on the early side, at least by Argentine standards, but anyone eating after 8:30pm is going to want to make a reservation.

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