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Friday, July 2, 2010

Buller Brewing Company

I think Thom likes his sampler
Roberto M. Ortiz 1827, Recoleta - The Recoleta Cemetery is one of the most popular attractions in Buenos Aires. It's known as the home to many of Argentina's founding fathers, authors, presidents and most famously, Eva Peron (Evita). To accommodate the influx of tourists, there are a number of really touristy restaurants surrounding the Recoleta cemetery and I'm not too proud to say that we really like some of them. The whole area is geared toward out of towners, with lots of English menus and people from all over the world walking around. This also means that there are plenty of pushy people standing outside the restaurants trying to drag in passersby, which is especially obnoxious because the city as a whole is not pushy. We really like Lola, one of the restaurants on this strip, which is where we spent Thanksgiving 2009 after our original Thanksgiving plans fell through. A couple of doors down from Lola is the Buller Brewing Company, a great refreshment stop after sightseeing and walking around. Buller because has a great outdoor seating area and during the summer it was a great place to stop, get out of the heat and enjoy a few micro brews.

Chris seems pleased with his selection as well
Buller has all the feel of an American microbrewery and ever since I worked at Sweetwater Tavern, I have had a soft spot for micro breweries. Unfortunately, unlike Sweetwater, Buller has really mediocre food and pretty poor service. Its redeeming quality is the beer, and they offer a ~4oz. sampler of each of their six beers on tap for those especially thirsty patrons. All of the selections are good, though I don't particularly like Pale Ales, so that one is not my personal favorite. I recommend the Honey Beer, it is smooth and tasty. Beware, it packs a mean punch with an alcohol content of something like 8.5%.

We have eaten lunch here a few times and they have some decent sandwich options. The rest of the food is alright, it's generally smaller than you would think and is similar to what I make at home when I don't put effort into cooking. We have had one really attentive server, and he was great, but in general the service is lackluster. My take is that the hiring managers extended jobs to all of the pretty people - leaving out any other necessary qualifications such as personality, energy or sense of urgency - the staff is attractive but under-attentive. Buller has become a great place for us to meet people for a drink or to stop and rest after site seeing before we go to an actual restaurant for dinner.

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