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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dawn + Jon = Baby Girl!

So much has happened since I've last wrote!  We had a fun, busy, eventful, fruitful, truly wonderful vacation to the US and Canada.  I decided to take a true break from Argentina-life and not attempt to blog while at home, which was a good choice since we were on the go the entire time.  The repercussion now is that I am insanely behind in logging all of our recent goings-on, as I'm sure you've noticed.  I'll do my best to break down all of our happenings, for they are many.

First and foremost, We Are Having A Baby!  This is clearly the most exciting thing going on in our lives at the moment.  This also explains my recent desire for McDonald's after not eating fast food for most of my life.  I am 19 weeks along and have been feeling really great.  Here is a picture at 18 weeks, fresh off of a 2.5 week vacation packed with eating lots of delicious American food.
Our little babina!

Our doctor here is wonderful and the hospital is clean, close and high quality so we are fully confident in our decision to have the baby here in Argentina.  The best part of overseas health care so far has been the sheer number of appointments and ultrasounds that we've had already, we have enough baby pictures to fill an album.  We had a 12-week Doppler ultrasound where the doctor was able to tell us that she's a GIRL!  He told us at TWELVE weeks!  To all the skeptics out there - this has been confirmed in all of our following appointments, so we're as sure as you can be that we have a little girl coming our way.  For anyone interested in our medical experiences in Argentina, stay tuned, there will certainly be some upcoming post topics covering these things.

Our growing group of east coast friends
As part of our trip home our wonderful friends and family threw us a baby shower.  We coupled it with a party at my parent's house that we had already planned, which worked out perfectly for the guys/people-who-don't-like-watching-gift-openings.  It was also a great way to have our friends bring all of their adorable children over, all of which happen to be girls.  That's right, we had six precious little divas over, some of which we met for the very first time.  I was not great at getting good kiddy pics, but Kelly Hill posted a great summary on her blog Life on Notting Hill.  We received some fantastic news earlier this week when Chip and Kristen Humkey found out that they are having a baby boy!  We're looking into arranged marriage documents now.  In addition to friends, my parents let us take over their house for the weekend while they hosted a ton of our friends during the day and overnight, we had a real grown-up slumber party.  Jon's parents drove all the way up from Lexington to visit us, bringing with them delicious food and a Hokie win.  We have some pretty amazing family.

The following weekend I was lucky enough to have some of my favorite visitors for the weekend, Sarah, Julie, Dan and my main man Caden.  (We missed Sarah's future husband Josh, but he was excused because he was busy saving lives in Indiana)  Look at this adorable little man, who celebrates his first birthday today!  He's such a big boy now, I cannot believe that so much time has gone by.  We got to visit Great Falls, Virginia, a beautiful spot, where our friend Doug took some amazing pictures of the little birthday boy.  I'm pretty proud of this smiley one that I got - he was so much fun to have around!  Aside of fawning over my favorite baby boy, I was also thrilled to spend time with Julie and Sarah.  We get so little time together recently, it was really a treat for them to have flown in to visit - thank you so much for visiting! 
Together at last :)
As if that wasn't enough, while we were home we also attended a wedding in Toronto (more to come on this), watched the Redskins beat the Packers live, hung out with my youngest brother Robbie who visited from Virginia Tech, went shopping with my mom, built fires with my dad, watched Michigan State go undefeated for an incredible EIGHT games in a row and much, much more.  It's no wonder that visiting home is such a bright spot, we always have a great time!  Thank you to everyone that made this trip a success, we miss you all!


  1. Congrats! We now have an 8-week old girl, so feel free to ask any questions about what we went through here. It was a great experience and we had wonderful doctors and a great midwife. The only drawback is that she will not be able to be president of the US, so I hope that one day she is not upset about that!

  2. You look great! :) We had so much fun and I CANT WAIT to introduce our little ones to each other next year! Seriously it is a match made in heaven. Cant wait!!!