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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spoiled Girls

Gretchen and I are enjoying the last remaining days with Daddy home. We were really lucky this year that we have additional holidays in March for Carnival so we get extra freebie days where Jon doesn't have to go to work, great timing little Gretchen!

For the first day of Carnival, we celebrated by parading our daughter out on the town.
Gretchen was so excited that she fell asleep instantly.
Our little darling in her carriage
I couldn't help but insist on taking her out of the stroller for some pictures around town.
Happy 1 week birthday to our little girl!
Hooray for extra days with Daddy!
We didn't even realize how well her outfit coordinated with the pretty flowers in bloom.

Gretchen isn't the only one that has been spoiled by Daddy in this first week as a family. I was surprised by these green lovelies when I woke up from a nap earlier this week.

In the same week I have a beautiful baby girl, a wonderful husband home with me and some new pretties to mark the occasion. Let's see one more shot of our preciousness just to drive the point home.
Gretchen loves Daddy, don't we all?


  1. Stank and BlakelyMarch 8, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    I love how the Gill family looks so incredibly happy these days :) Congrats again you two!

  2. You look fantastic, Dawn!!! And of course, Jon and Gretchen look so happy too!! :) Keep the pictures coming.