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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Abril is for Abuelos

Yes, April is the month of grandparent introductions.  Our poor moms and dads have had to wait FOREVER to meet our their little princess - and baby Gretchen could not be more excited to meet her abuelos, she talks about it all the time.
Her (now too small) "Grandma Makes Me Happy" shirt
My mom's arrival today begins our month of visitors.  We are thrilled to make the introductions and pretty excited to have some extra sets of hands around the house.  Additionally, we will now have help while going through the subsequent appointments for Gretchen's paperwork

Above all, it's great to know that even though we are 5,600 miles away from our families, they are happy to hop a plane to come down to visit.  We are making sure to order up some extra cuteness from Gretchen to make the trip worth their while. 

Here is a taste of said cuteness:

I have to admit, she's worth the trip.

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