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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gretchen's Favorite Things

Today, Gretchen is three months old!  These last three months have been incredible in so many different ways, as we get to know our little girl and as she gets to know herself.  Most recently, she has begun to develop preferences to games, toys and activities - and she has been very clear about things that she dislikes as well. 

So, in honor of this three month milestone, and the fact that it coincides with the Oprah show's last week on air, I call this post "Gretchen's Favorite Things".

Gretchen loves anything that floats above her head.  She loves the bear mobile in her crib, although she only spends nap time in her crib, at night we still have her in the pack and play.

Her most favorite toy since the day we brought her home is the space-themed activity mat that we lovingly refer to as "the planets".  She loves to kick her legs and smile at her floating buddies.

 She likes sitting up like an adult.  We started this for pictures and because it looked funny, but she has started to really enjoy it.  I love how her arms just hang there, she hasn't quite mastered what to do with them yet.

Her preferred method of sleeping is while she's being held.

If that is not available, she sleeps best in the swaddle blanket.  Although this is not necessarily one of her favorite things, it is a favorite of mom and dad because she sleeps for 8-10 hours at a stretch when she's all wrapped up.

Smiling is her new favorite activity.  This smile just warms my heart.

Gretchen loves riding in her stroller.  Thank goodness, because it is our preferred method of transportation.

This baby stretches more than anyone I have ever seen.  I absolutely love it, it is also one of my favorite things.

Gretchen loves sucking on her hands and staring at lights.  This picture captures both of these activities perfectly.

She has recently discovered her own reflection and it is remarkable to watch her discover herself.  

 The one thing she dislikes more than everything, you may even call it her least favorite thing, is tummy time.  Supposedly she should spend at least 20 minutes a day on her tummy, however she only tolerates it without crying for two or three minutes at a time.  We keep working on it, but we have a long way to go before she likes it. 

She is a wonderful baby and we have enjoyed every minute of these last three months together.  Happy 3 month birthday baby girl!

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  1. Dawn she is beautiful!! I really love the picture of her stretching with her arms out, its adorable and I just want to hug her and give her a squeeze! So glad to see you all are doign well. Love you guys!