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Monday, June 27, 2011

Virginia in June

Before I get too behind, let me finish our recent vacation recap.  After we left beautiful Los Angeles, we took the cross country LA to DC flight and spent the last few days of our US trip in Virginia with my family.  Let me just interject that our flight did not have a single baby changing table on board (what?!).  Poor Gretchen had to endure diaper changes in some pretty creative places during this 5 hour flight.  (If anyone from Continental is reading this, please install changing tables in your planes!  Have you ever known a baby to use the same diaper for 5 hours??) 

Once we landed in DC, Gretchen met her other two, very excited uncles!
Gretchen hanging out with Uncle Chris
Look at those thighs!  Uncle Robbie and Gretchen bonding.
During our DC stay, we had a good mix of general housekeeping appointments (the dentist, the DMV, etc.) and fun visits with friends and family.  It was an especially big week for us because Jon and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary (wow!), my 30th birthday (even bigger wow!) and Robbie's 22nd birthday.  Here is the adorable joint birthday cake Chris got for Robbie and I:
Check out our cutie, younger selves
In addition, my parents graciously hosted a whole slew of our friends and their babies at their house so that we could see as many people as possible on our short trip.  It was so wonderful to see everyone, thank you all so much for traveling all the way out to see us, especially on a Friday afternoon.  It was fun, chaotic, and exciting to introduce Gretchen to all of her little buddies (many of them new to us too!)  Here is our attempt at capturing all of the little ones in one photo:
As you can imagine, it was exciting
Also, Gretchen met her buddy Evan Humkey for the first time, the two were born only TWO DAYS apart!  I know Gretchen will be grateful to say she is the older one of the two (until she's about 25) and we look forward to future joint birthdays with the Humkeys.
During the extremely hot week, we were able to take Gretchen to a friend's pool for her first non-bath-water experience.  Mom accidentally forgot her hat, so we had to be extra careful, but she seemed to really like the water.
Pay no attention to our lack of tan...it's winter by us!
It was an amazing, whirlwind, fun and much-needed trip home.  Thank you to everyone to came out to visit us, our friends are so understanding and thoughtful about our always-packed schedule when we're in the US.  Thank you to my parents for making this week as fulfilling and easy as possible, it was a great recharge for us.  Our trip back to Argentina did not include any celebrity sitings, but it was just as seamless as the trip to the states.

Since we aren't there to celebrate together, I want to send a big "Happy Birthday" message to my dad, who's birthday is tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Dad!  Gretchen talks about you all the time, and can't wait to see you in a couple of months!
Happy Birthday Papa!

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  1. wait until she is a wriggling 12 month old who has filled her pants, its 1/2 way up her back, and her extra pants are back by your seat! OH AND there is no changing table!!! YIKES!!! good luck! I empathize!!! =D what a cutie she is.