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Thursday, July 14, 2011


This past Monday we had Gretchen's 4-month doctor's appointment (albeit a bit late considering she is a few weeks over four months) and she is progressing just fine.  She is now at 6.8 kilos (15 pounds) and 63 cm (24.8 inches) our little grower keeps packing on the pounds, which is exactly what we want her to do.

And here are a couple of the pictures I took on her actual 4-month birthday.  The first photo was taken just seconds before the entire outfit (minus the socks) was covered in spit-up.  Second photo was just too precious to leave out.  Notice the socks were spared.

Although I was excited to see how Gretchen was progressing, I was also dreading this checkup because it meant that she was due for another round of vaccines.  I am a complete pansy when it comes to shots of any sort, and although it has gotten better since I've gotten older, I still needed my college roommate to hold my hand when I got my flu shot every year at school (thanks again Jules!), and it's just as difficult to see my little baby get shots.  Jon and I are of the mindset that since we are technically living in a third-world country and taking our baby on long distance flights multiple times in her first year, we'll go ahead and trust the AAP recommended vaccine schedule.  Honestly, we would have done so anyways, but these reasons just seal the deal.

Since the last round of vaccines that Gretchen went through at 2 months, we have had a change (for the better) in our medical coverage.  We are now covered by local insurance, which makes my life overwhelmingly easier considering that I don't have to submit receipts to our insurance company back home.  But, as with any change, I was a little nervous about the new process, especially when it comes to vaccines.

The biggest difference between what I'm used to in the US and here is that vaccines are not commonly given in doctor's offices.  We actually chose our pediatrician because he administers vaccines himself in the office (and, obviously, we liked his way of practicing medicine, etc, etc).   Also, if we have the doctor administer the vaccines, we have to pay in full, in cash and then wait for an 80% reimbursement from the US insurance company.  We went through that procedure back in April and the vaccines ended up costing us close to US$75 after the reimbursement.  Compare that to this week, when the shots were free.  And no paperwork.  Sign me up.

So, after our appointment on Monday, Gretchen and I took a decently long walk to the Vacunatorio.  There are quite a few locations in the city, our doctor recommended Stamboulian (Barrio Norte, 4515-3000; Pacheco de Melo 2941) and it was as good as a place that gives shots can be.  Clean, short lines and friendly staff. And I'm no hypocrite, I got my flu shot at the same time so I can vouch firsthand for how gentle they were.  For the record, Gretchen was an absolute trooper, she barely cried and just needed some extra loving and cuddles that night.  All in all it was a fine experience and it was made even better by the $0.00 bill we received at the end of our visit.  Not only that, they gave us a voucher for free parking (if we had driven).  Instead, we dodged pile after pile of dog poop on Pacheco de Melo (seriously, it must be a common dog walker route or something, it was intense) and walked home on a beautiful 60 degree night in the dead of winter here.  See you in 2 months, Vacunatorio, for the next round of vaccines! 

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  1. I also recommend VACUNAR http://www.vacunar.com.ar/ for any vaccinations. You can call ahead and make sure they've got your specific shot needed. Almost no line, ever. Clean. Gentle. Any many different locations to choose from. Just another place to have in mind.

    p.s. I'm glad you didn't leave that hoodie picture out. She is too cute.