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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of those emerging holidays here in Argentina.  They are starting to celebrate, but haven't quite gotten the concept at this point.  Most of the costumes that we've seen on locals involve either an outfit covered in blood or the outfit they wore during the day coupled with a mask.  It's a work in progress.

It is nice to have the weather on the upswing as Halloween approaches. On Sunday, when all of the Halloween festivities took place, we had a beautiful, sunny 73 degree day.  It makes me wish that I had been in Buenos Aires all those years that I had to wear a jacket over my costume while trick-or-treating.  In order to take full advantage of the day, some of my mom's group friends and I ran in the AmCham 10K in Puerto Madero.  It was a perfect day for a race, and we got to keep these highly fashionable bright orange shirts!

We were excited to get Gretchen dressed up for her first Halloween, obviously, since dressing up babies in adorable costumes may be the cutest thing ever.  We are lucky enough to have some great friends that threw a fantastic Halloween party through BAIN, which was a great substitute for our traditional Halloween festivities.  We all got dressed up and had a great time, and though we didn't have the benefit of a whole bunch of American candy, we did have this little lovebug:

Thank you Gran for getting this precious vaquita de San Antonio/Ladybug costume.

The adults were requested to dress up, so we threw together a chef and teacher outfit, though it didn't matter since Gretchen stole the show.

And as with every childhood Halloween I can remember, tiredness took over toward the end of the party and we ended up with a very sleepy, sad ladybug.  It was time for a nap.  Let me just say that a baby crying in an adorable costume might be the funniest thing ever.  I hope to catch future Halloween meltdowns on camera, because it is comic genius.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with our little bug while she made us laugh, practiced standing, and enjoyed the simple joy of a baby in a costume.

As an additional bonus, little miss got her second tooth on Halloween!  She has a completed pair of bottom teeth now.  Congratulations to our little ladybug, and Happy Halloween to all of our friends and family back home!

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