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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Any moment now, Gretchen has at least one, possibly two teeth that are about to pop through.  I've been saying this for months, since she is almost 13 months old and still only has 3 teeth.  But considering that I think that this might really be the week the next tooth comes through, I wanted to document the adorable single upper tooth that Gretchen has been sporting over the last few weeks.
Precious singular upper tooth

In other news, she now loves all telephones, and spends much of her day trying to reach the phone we keep in our living room:
"What, Mom?  I'm just getting the phone."
And here is a glimpse into a few of the additional photos that I took in an attempt to get Gretchen's tooth on film.

Here is where she grabs my camera strap:

And here is where she finds it hilarious that I keep backing up out of her reach:

We're on tooth watch!  And we go in for our 12 month doctor's check-up tomorrow - wish us luck!

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