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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July Turkey Fry to You!

Last year we celebrated the birth of America by frying a turkey and having a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with friends.  The presence of a turkey fryer was, perhaps, the best mistake that movers have ever made - as our friends requested that their turkey fryer be sent to storage and it was accidentally added to their household goods.  Through this mistake was born a tradition that we thoroughly enjoy, it includes frying a turkey for the 4th of July, and then playing Rock Band for the rest of the night.  It is now my preferred method for wishing the USA a Happy Birthday.

In addition to the amazing food that everyone contributed to the event, I made use of my Bakerella Cake Pops cook book and made some little Toms of my own. (Quick note: Calling a turkey Tom, is this an American thing? I asked around the table and no one else had every heard of the generic turkey name Tom.  Maybe I made it up...) Thank you to the numerous people who served as candy-sherpas for me and brought most of the cake pop supplies from the US. Another reason why our country is great.

Here is the event, in photos:

The delicious pavita prepared for the fryer.  This year's turkey was 10 pounds, the largest I could find in the city. Luckily, our gracious hosts supplemented the dinner with a delicious lomo, which is a huge perk for hosting a 4th of July Thanksgiving-style event in Argentina.  Fried turkey + beef tenderloin = Best. Dinner. Ever.
Jeff the Chef
Jon graciously volunteered to keep Jeff company as the oil heated up.  These two Canadians were trying to push the Canada Day initiative with their Canadian aprons.  

The oil is ready to go.  Notice the amazing engineering feat taking place in the background of this photo.  You see, an American turkey fryer doesn't necessarily work with an Argentine propane tank.  Nothing a little tin foil won't fix...

Milena's beautifully set table:

My little homemade centerpieces:
Have you ever seen more adorable turkeys??
Our little troublemakers. Don't they just have that mischievous look in their eyes??

Last year's troublemakers.  Back in the days when Gretchen would still wear a bow.  It is hard to believe how much these two have grown!

This year's newest member of the Turkey Fry tradition, baby Preston!  Trey was taking special care of his brother during our attempts to get a picture of the kids on the couch.  How sweet are they?!

This year's best picture of all of the little ones:

Last year's best picture of the kids:

Last year's real best picture of the kids:

 And for posterity's sake, here is Gretchen on her first 4th of July:

And the lone photo I was able to take of her a this year's 4th of July.  She looks like such a little girl!  If only we had video of her instead of a photo, you would see that she's telling us "Hot! Hot!" because the  under-counter oven was on.  Last year, we celebrated Gretchen smiling, clasping her hands together and laughed at her obsession with sticking out her cute little tongue.  This year, she tells us "Hot!", "Stop!" and loves her "Bath! Bath!".

 Thank you to our friend's movers for making the best mistaken turkey fryer delivery ever, and to all of our friends for helping us celebrate a very American holiday far from our American homes.

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  1. Like a little girl indeed!!! Dios mio!

    Looks like a well thrown party, and happy to see you celebrated Canada Day and July 4th simultaneously.

    Pavita frita does have a nice ring to it...