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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buenos Aires International Newcomers - BAIN Downtown

Spring at the Sivori event - 2012
It's finally time to write about BAIN.  I wrote about this expat group a few times a while ago, but have never actually described what it is, and definitely haven't written about it since I became as involved as I am now.  Now just involved, I am now (by default because the other co-president moved) the President of the Downtown chapter of BAIN (Buenos Aires International Newcomers).

Please, feel free to be impressed.  

Though I'm sure my friends and family back in the US are incredibly interested in reading about this group (as they most certainly are with all of the things I write about), this post is geared toward the folks that are living in, or moving to Buenos Aires.  The biggest complaint that I hear from English-speaking expats, especially those who have lived internationally in the past, is that there is not a very strong expat society in Buenos Aires, and I have to say that I agree.  This is why I am now so involved with BAIN, I think that BAIN can fill that hole, and I'm hoping to help it to get there.  

BAIN has been around for a long long time in the world of expat living, started almost 20 years ago.  The biggest hurdle with Buenos Aires is that the downtown area is so diverse, that there are a bunch of little clubs, but not really one solid unifying group that works for everyone. Now that there are more young families living in Capital, BAIN Downtown has really diversified to include everyone from the single traveler to the retired couple that has made Buenos Aires their home - needless to say, and everyone in between.  

Membership with BAIN Downtown includes benefits like our monthly activities; Morning Coffees, Dinners, Lunches, Book Club, Book Exchange, End of the month meetings with either a happy hour or presentation, Happy Hour during the week, Baby/Toddler playgroups and our one-time events like running a 10K, Spring at the Sivori Museum, or our End of the Year Party coming up in November.  You can pick and choose what you participate in, or just stay tuned on Facebook or our Newsreel to see what we're up to this week.  

So, to try to get the word out, I'm using my blog as a medium of "advertising" for the group.  Please feel free to contact me directly at dawn.e.gill@gmail.com if you are interested in joining or becoming more involved with BAIN, or contact the general BAIN Downtown email address: bain.downtown@gmail.com.  I am also adding a "recent posts" area on my frontpage so that you can link to BAIN Downtown whenever the spirit moves you!  

So, if you're interested in joining or want more information, you now have lots of ways to find out more about BAIN Downtown.  If you're not yet convinced, follow us on Facebook or follow our blog and see if we can spark your interest in the upcoming weeks.  

I hope to see you soon!

*And now back to my non-promotional, normally written blog :) 

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