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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Costa Rica: Ziplining

The other excursion that we booked as a group was the canopy tour (better known as zip lining), with the exception of Papa Mas and Gretchen, who spent some quality time together at the house.

The canopy tour was booked through Canopy Safari, and again, it was a great experience.  The tour was on the outskirts of Quepos, the medium-sized town nearest to Manuel Antonio, so it took about 40 minutes to get there from the town of Manuel Antonio. Again we were expecting a much less extensive tour, and were surprised to find a full hot lunch, a drive through tour of a palm oil field and a butterfly garden.  None of the additional items were necessary, but certainly made the tour more interesting.

The tour was fun, though a bit more extreme than anyone had anticipated.  We all completed the course, 10 zip lines, 2 rappels, and 1 Tarzan swing.  We ranged from complete confidence to total fear - but everyone completed the course - and was glad they did.

The only person we're missing is Jon, who was the photographer for the day.  The tour was great, though I have no idea how high up we were, it felt like 200 feet.  The scariest part for me, my Mom and Kyra might agree, was that the first two zip lines ended on really small platforms built around a tree.  There was little room from where we stood to the edge of the platform - and all 9 of us along with 2 guides were up there together at the same time.  This is when a guide spotted a toucan, though I was too scared to look around.  Don't get me wrong, we were secured to a line through the entirety of the tour, but it was unnerving for this heights-phobic.
Robbie was told it was a formal affair
Our group of zipliners
For those that are considering zip lining in Costa Rica, it is really a great time.  That being said, it was more advanced that I had expected, and had other people in our group not been so scared, I would have been the one freaking out.  The Tarzan swing was literally a rope attached to your harness that swung you from one platform to another, easy and safe enough, but I was terrified.  I'm pretty sure the guide ended up pushing me off the edge.  So, this is not a walk in the park, if you are seriously afraid of heights, or death by zipline, you may want to skip this tour.  If anyone asked me 6 months ago if my mom would ever go zip lining I would have said no - but alas, she conquered it!  Congratulations to our group!


  1. Great pictures Jon, that looks like a blast!

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