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Saturday, February 2, 2013

El Mirasol

After three years of avoiding the Recova area, we finally gave in and went to dinner at El Mirasol.  The Recova is a little pocket of restaurants on Posadas between Cerrito and 9 de Julio.  We have heard good things about El Mirasol, but were always hesitant to try it since these restaurants tend to attract a largely tourist crowd.  We were missing out - the place was packed and the food was really great - we should have been more open minded.

We started out with the provoleta and the fried beef empanadas - our friends were specific - they had to be the fried empanadas even though they can be ordered alternative ways.  Cooked cheese is always delicious, it's hard to mess that up.  The empanada was great, crispy on the outside and shredded beef on the inside - a real winner.  You need to be careful at this stage though, there are some large cuts of meet on the menu - prepare yourself.

We shared a side of vegetables, we ordered them grilled and they were really simple and tasty. In the background you'll see the potatoes noisette that we ate very little of.  They were good, but the rest of the meal trumped the little potatoes.

The Lomo
The menu was typical of a parilla, lots of meat options including strange parts that we do not order, but the sizes were enormous.  There is a tenderloin to share that was listed as 1650 grams (~3 1/2 pounds), so you know they're not joking around.  The guys decided on more normal cuts, a 300g lomo and a normal sized ojo de bife both of which were perfectly cooked.  I think this lomo wins for the best flavor I've had in the city - it was really great.

I ordered the peruvian chicken, the 1/4 chicken option (which was the smallest one) and it was still enormous.  Moral of the story, you don't need to orde as much as you think - the portions are large and in charge!
Ojo de Bife
The chicken dish - you can't even see the chicken
El Mirasol is a great local option, it's too bad that we waited so long to try it out.  If you're looking for a nice parilla with large portions this is a great place.

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