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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bed Head Baby!

We waited so long for Gretchen to have enough hair to style and play with - not realizing that it came with the added benefit of seeing her fantastic bed head each day.

I'm sure she will soon tire of me waking her up with a camera in her face, lucky for me she is always quick with a smile...

She has somewhere between wavy and curly hair - so after a good night's sleep, it goes in all kinds of amazing directions.

And in the incredibly rare occasion when she keeps her colitas (pigtails) in through her nap, they also create great photo opportunities.

Gretchen is so happy when she wakes up and is happy to smile for the camera as long as she's able to see the picture afterward.

These are the kinds of details that I want to be sure to remember.  Getting Gretchen up for the day - or from a nap - is one of the best times of the day.  She's so happy and playful, AND you get to see amazing hair.

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