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Friday, August 23, 2013

Waiting For Baby

Tomorrow marks the completion of 36 weeks of pregnancy.  This is an important milestone in the pregnancy because Gretchen was born in week 36, and I have mentally assumed that this is when the real baby-watch begins. Obviously, it is not an exact science, but boy-o-boy would our baby boy be welcome to come at any point after tomorrow.  Really.  Come on down, you're the next contestant on the Price is Right....

Look, we have your room all ready for you!  Complete with the toys your big sister stuffs into the bassinet attachment to the Pack-and-Play.  And of course, the Planets Mat, best.baby-gift.ever.

We are even ready for that round of golf you will play with Daddy!  These clubs might be a little big, but you'll grow into them...

We have repurposed items from Gretchen's room, made good use of our baby shipment and rearranged the closets so that baby boy has a room all his own.  I like to think that it is serendipitous that the room was already painted blue, a great color that we were happy to match.

We have been prepping Gretchen as best we know how for the long-awaited arrival of "baby brother". At this point, we feel that she genuinely knows that a baby will be joining our family, and she pronounces daily that he "will poop a lot" and "will need a lot of diapers".  We are not as confident that she is ready to share her toys with him, luckily, he won't want them for awhile yet.

It is a strange thing to be going through pregnancy for the second time and having so much left to question. There is still no way of knowing what to expect, and life in on a bit of a countdown clock from now until the little one arrives.  Will it be today? Tomorrow? In three weeks? Quite literally, time will tell.

That's part of the fun, right? The bottom line is that we cannot wait to meet our baby boy, introduce Gretchen to her baby brother and begin life as a family of FOUR!


  1. The countdown has begun :) Keep well these next few days or weeks or hours... until baby boy arrives! Can't wait to hear the good news. Go Hokies!

  2. So glad I decided to check up on the Gill blog today! Love this post about baby boy on the way! We are so excited for you guys and cannot wait to hear the big news soon. And Gretchen will be the sweetest, most adoring big sister.. There's just no doubt about it!! XOXO Carly