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Friday, November 15, 2013

Baby Paperwork: DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad)

Now that we have our Partida de Nacimiento (official Argentine Birth Certificate) we are ready to apply for our son's DNI.

This process is remarkably easier than it was back in 2011, maybe the whole "Nuevo DNI" campaign is really making a difference! Many of the "Comunas" have services that allow you to pick up the Partida and then go directly to a different desk and apply for the DNI. Our particular location (Comuna 11) did not have that feature, but the good news is that you can apply for the baby's DNI at any Centro de Documentacion Rapido location (for a list, click here: http://www.nuevodni.gov.ar/centros.htm) or at any shopping center in Capital. The greatest part is that there is no appointment needed - you just need to apply for the DNI within 40 days of receiving the Partida.

Only one parent needs to go accompany the baby for this little tramite, a nice change from many of our other baby paperwork appointments. Alex and I went a few days after getting the Partida, and we were in and out in under 30 minutes.

If you're adorable and have a new DNI, raise your hand!
Bring with you:

  • The original Partida de Nacimiento
  • The accompanying parent's DNI or Passport
  • The baby
  • AR$35

That's it. We needed to take a number and wait our turn, which only took a minute or two. The agent confirmed a few details, had me double check the information she typed up about Alex (name, address, etc) and then took his picture and digitally recorded his thumbprints.  These last two items are the hardest for a little baby, but the agent was patient, nice and helpful and had clearly dealt with newborns before. 

We left with a receipt of payment and the all-too-familiar form that you give to the delivery guy when he brings the DNI to your house (Jon and I just renewed our DNIs so we have quite a collection of these forms at home). Anyone can receive the DNI when it's delivered, so long as they show an ID and have the form. The DNI is promised to be delivered within 15 days - it was delivered to us within that timeframe - so we are happy campers! One last difference, Alex's DNI is good until his 8th birthday, his sister's is only good until she turns 5. 

We can only hope that Alex's hair stays this awesome until his DNI needs to be renewed. Until then, mom will have a bit of fun combing it after bathtime. What a precious little guy!!

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