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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keeping Up With Moving

If you ever want life to fast forward in front of your eyes, have a baby and then move. If you really want to make it interesting, make it an international move. There is much to be said about moving, leaving Buenos Aires and starting a life in Houston, but there is a certain little guy that has been underrepresented on the blog and it's only because I haven't had a moment to breathe, much less record all of the delightful things that he is doing.

It is impossible to believe that we were still living in our apartment in Buenos Aires a month ago and only slightly more believable that we have a seven month old baby boy. Who is a precious dream. Who is a perfect baby. Until the night comes and he inevitably wakes up at least once if not twice. And it's making us mental. Luckily, he has this amazing smile that keeps us going the rest of the day.
Find the wise guy. What a sweet little champ!
Our baby is seven months old. He's rolling everywhere, showing signs of crawling and is eating like a starving person. He loves his sister more than anything, stares at her anytime she's in the room and giggles at the slightest attention from her. It is heartwarming, precious and amazing all at once.

He is happy all of the time. Until he's hungry. Then you feed him and he's happy again. While we're still nursing, food also consists of yogurt, chicken, bananas, prunes, pears, teething biscuits, and pretty much anything else in sight. Pre-made squeezy pouches have been my best friend through this chaotic time in our lives. Did you know they make little spoons that attach to the end of those pouches now? Ah, the amazing world of the USA, I'm honestly still in a bit of shock. More on that in a different post.

Alex got his first haircut days before we left BsAs, his adorable mop of black toupee hair was transformed into a little blond buzz cut in a matter of seconds. It took a few days until the child in my arms didn't surprise me when I looked down.


Different, right?? If you are in Buenos Aires, I have to recommend Cortemania in Recoleta (Av.Pueyrredon 1979), they were quick, cheap and good. Now our two chicos resemble each other much more, with their baby blues and wide-eyed expressions. Precious little ones, that have been such troupers during all of the recent change. 

It hasn't been all work (at least not for the kids...). There have been snoozing times:

Luxurious times:
Alex enjoying his business class international seat

Gretchen enjoying the seat and an array of stickers to play with
 Fun-loving times:
Clean little one
 Delicious times:
Enjoying S'more night at the Comfort Suites. Most amazing hotel ever.
 Relaxing shopping times:
Testing mattresses on Day 1 in Houston
  Bouncy times:
Thank you to our friends for borrowed baby items
 Sunny times:
Getting ready to enjoy our new pool!
And family times. We have already reaped the benefit of living closer to family. Gretchen loved being with her cousins for the weekend. "When are we going back to my cousin's house?"

It has been a crazy few weeks. Our little man has grown before our eyes and we have had some wild times. I don't recommend doing it often, but it has gone well for us so far. 


  1. I've been following your blog for years. My parents are from Argentina and I spent my summer months there. I live in Houston, so if you're new to the area and would the inside scoop, please email me! mariana_pope@yahoo.com. Saludos!

  2. So glad you all are back! Look forward to seeing all you Gills MUCH more often :)