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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Weekend

Fall has finally found Houston!

We were told it was hot in Houston. It is. And just when you think it is time to cool off, it's hot for another month. Or two.

We found a day cool enough to spend a morning outside and visited a local pumpkin patch, called the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm. We had a number of neighbors meet us there, which made the afternoon even more fun. It's exciting to spend a season doing the holiday things, especially now that our kids are old enough to enjoy it. Even if the pumpkins are shipped in from somewhere else.

Gretchen loved sitting on top of the pile of pumpkins, and happily pointed out which ones were "really, really, dirty". She was hilariously excited about the really small pumpkins, and didn't want all that much to do with taking home the big ones. We tried for a family picture, but it turns out that a big pile of roll-y pumpkins are a bit hard to sit on as a squirmy group of four.

Alex, on the other hand, just wanted to push the wagon around. Any wagon, it didn't need to be ours. He pushed anything with wheels here, there and everywhere.

When he wasn't pushing the wagon, he was playing with the flag on the end.

And when he wasn't doing that, he was taking little pumpkins in and out of wagons.

He was a busy little guy.

Fall is fun! Especially when it's not freezing cold outside!

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  1. A very fun thing to do! Hopefully it has (or will soon) get cooler there. I am sure you all are looking forward to celebrating the holidays when it doesn't feel like summer :) Happy Thanksgiving!