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Thursday, January 15, 2015


This year we wanted to be home for Christmas, waking up in our own home on Christmas morning and taking advantage of the winter weather in Texas were perks too good to give up. Luckily, all of the Giorgianis were on board, and flew on down to our neck of the woods for the holiday. 

The weather cooperated, in a beautiful 65-degree-way, and my brothers graciously slept on couches and floor mattresses to make the holiday a success.

The kids were thrilled to have so many additional people to entertain them. And they adored every minute of it. So did we.

Alex enjoying some one on one time with Uncle Robbie.

Gretchen making cookies with Grammy.

Papa Mas and Alex playing telephone with a wrapping paper roll.

That is, before Alex runs away and Papa Mas follows cautiously.

We wrapped the kids in their fuzzy, feetie, entirely too warm for the weather pjs and read the Night Before Christmas. We also ready the Spirit of Christmas, another fantastic Christmas book if you're looking for one.

The next morning, Santa didn't disappoint! Alex was the first one up - no surprise there - and he enjoyed a solo toy preview for the next 2.5 hours as we waited for his sleepy sister to wake up and enjoy them for herself.

After opening presents, we enjoyed the spring-like weather and played with all of the fancy new items from under the tree. Uncle Chris and Papa Mas help Alex ride his sister's scooter. She put on all of the pads, and he rode it the entire time.

Gretchen spent her time very safely blowing bubbles in the driveway.

We were thrilled to have cousins Julia and Justice come to visit. Gretchen and Justice were two peas in a pod, with the same shocking energy and ability to out shout us all.

Julia is an incredible young lady who Alex took an instant liking to. He gave hugs, sat on her lap and even wore her shoes.

We enjoyed the company, and are so thankful for family who is willing to travel. We also want to acknowledge our family's mutual love of horizontal stripes. Thank you all for visiting, what a very merry end to 2014!!

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  1. Dawn, You always amaze me! So glad you are keeping your impressive blog going. Just caught up since your big move, loved seeing all the activity. Keep it going.