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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mini-Man Alexander

It has been a big few months for our little man. He has gone from baby to toddler before our eyes, with so many new tricks and so much more personality.

He loves being outdoors, to the point where we have to lock our back door so that he doesn't escape at will. His single favorite item is the bubble mower, a flashback toy that reminds me of my brother as a little guy. It also brings back memories of our childhood pup, Cindy, and her love of chasing and eating bubbles.

My favorite part of his love of outside is when we're getting ready to head out, I'll tell him to get his "shoeskis" and he'll promptly run to the stairs and sit patiently waiting for me to put his shoes on. He will then run to the closet and grab everyone else's shoes and hand them out. It's precious.

This little guy loves his big sister. He follows her every move, running to her room first thing in the morning, and we have to pull him out of her room for bed at night.

He is also great with hand-me-downs. Some of his favorite items are bright pink and obvious, but real men, they're comfortable with pink.

He is happy, and loving and content with playing with a single toy for a very long time. He has more hair than any baby I have ever known.

He was not an instant fan of the water, but grew to love it over the course of the week. He was better in the pool than the ocean, but loved to feel the waves (below his knees) by the time the week was over.

He also learned some new tricks while we were in Mexico. And a few weeks later he began impressing us with a few words. Cookie, Bubble and a few days later Mama and Dada, although the order doesn't matter, right? He has been saying "Ma!!" for a few months, though it was referring to just about anybody or anything.

And after an abundance of food stuck in his long, flowing locks, we decided to cut Alex's hair after our trip. He had a cool mohawk for a minute and then looked like a totally new, completely older child.

This is our little man. He is silly, he is loving, he is fun and he has found his personality. We love our little guy, and are having so much fun watching him grow!

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  1. I am sure he has changed a bunch since I saw him in January. Looking forward to spending time with him (and all of you) this weekend!!