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Monday, January 18, 2016

January 2016

Alex and Landon, scientists
A new year always brings lots of new changes! This year our little munchkin transformed into a budding big boy and has started enjoying outings like the ones his big sister loves so much. Little Beakers is a fan favorite in our home, a science based play center that allows you to perform experiments by the hour while the supplies are provided for you and cleaned up after you're done. We brought these two "big" kids to Little Beakers for their first experiment afternoon and it was a huge hit!
We also enjoy living in Texas more in the winter when we can brag about the weather and actually play outside without looking like melting candles. I appreciate Texas winter hair opportunities to actually style my stick-straight locks and this particular afternoon was a perfect day to show off the winter sun and lack of humidity needed to catapult my enjoyment of Texas into the summer months.  

Check out this little smoosh's new chipped tooth. All boy this one, he fell while holding my hand at the YMCA and landed smack dab on his front tooth, chipping it clean off. I was quite sad about it at first, but it has grown on me as part of his toothy, precious smile.

Another item with a facelift in our home is our hall closet. My father in law is notorious for being a handy man with a honey-do list just about everywhere he visits. I take FULL advantage of this and line up lots of projects for his craftiness. This project was a brain child of many different people, turning a standard coat closet into a full walk-in beauty with coat racks and lots of shelving storage. Thank goodness for helpful, handy dads!!

And lets not leave out our little artists who are highlighted each year in their preschool during the January art show. It's such a cool concept, each classroom picks a famous work of art for the kids to replicate and then they display the creations for a week in the school. I love these items and the kids come home with such a sense of pride!

Three cheers for creativity, ingenuity and celebration of a job well done!

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