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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

We are not particularly religious people but we do enjoy an Easter celebration that includes an egg hunt and time with friends and family. And if we know anything, we know that our children love an activity - especially if it ends with a basket full of treasures. 

And we have the perfect backyard for a large scale egg hunt! Here are some action shots of the kid crew:
Gretchen in her Texas cowboy attire - pink boots!
Our dapper little man in his Sunday best
Our sweet buddy Rhys. We love him so!!

Everyone on the rock for a picture!!
Silly friends!

The instruction was "give me a mad face!". This is Alex's perfect pouty mad stance. 

The most exciting part of this photograph was that it eventually was our pregnancy announcement. There are FIVE Gills in this picture. One is only 3 months along and living firmly in my belly.
Our little dressed up family
Our lovely friends. It is rare to have friends where each person makes your family happy with their presence.
We are so thankful!

Because it's Texas, on Easter we swim! One of the benefits of living in the hot hot south!! Happy Easter everyone!

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