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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ave. Libertador 800 (Recoleta) - After going to a movie we stopped at this great little restaurant called Che. Che is a perfect landing spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our first trip there was for a mid-afternoon snack with coffee. We had a couple empinadas, they were baked (much better than fried in my opinion) and they were all delicious. The service was friendly and prompt. This return trip for dinner was also delicious, we each got a steak, mine with mushroom wine sauce (pictured to the right) and Jon's with peppercorn sauce. I highly recommend getting the mashed potatoes as a side item, they really made the meal. One funny tidbit that we've noticed in our restaurant adventures, places here serve huge cuts of meat, but not a whole lot of side items to go along with it. Generally, you will not get a salad, side or sometimes even a sauce without ordering it specifically.

We received our meals promptly (and I'm not even being sarcastic) at 11:15pm. The restaurant was almost empty when we got there and was just getting busy as we left around midnight. Midnight! We thought we were awesome for eating so late, who is leaving home to go out to dinner at midnight?! Lucky for us, when we got home our friends the Ely's were online and able to Skype with us for an hour or so, I mean really, who can go directly to bed after a meal like that??

**UPDATE** June 4, 2010: At some point this week, Che closed up shop. The restaurant has paper on all the windows and there are no signs or notifications posted. Potentially it's just remodeling, I'll update again if it reopens.

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