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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jalapeño Poppers - Update!

My trip to Hoboken was an enormous success - a great weekend spent with some great friends. To update the Jalapeño Poppers post, they were a huge hit and were gone in minutes. We cooked them for about 20 minutes and there was a nice crispy "char" on the outside of most of the peppers by the time we pulled them off the grill. They were the perfect amount of spice, a good kick, but I could eat them comfortably without a jug of water.

My favorite part of the weekend was when Kristen, Jon and I successfully pulled off the surprise of the year; Jon coming up for the weekend and surprising Chip! We were super co-conspirators and managed to keep the visit a secret and get Jon into the apartment for the highest shock value possible. Since we were so sneaky, I didn't have my camera for the real surprise face that Chip had - which was priceless - but I was able to stage this dramatic reenactment so you can catch the general idea.
Jon vigorously waving from the elevator

Chip - in shock

Co-Conspirator High Five

No doubt, a good time was had by all. Jon and I now part ways until we both are back in Buenos Aires, where we will finally see a little of the cooler temperatures and winter months. Considering that we have been avoiding winter for the last year (inadvertently, we moved in the fall which is the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere) it shouldn't be too bad. It was a great weekend though, we are so lucky that we were able to attend. Thank you Humkeys for an amazing weekend!!!

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