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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sette Bacco

Delicious donut bread
Aguero 2157, Recoleta - Our ever reliable friends, Juan and Sole, introduced us to this Italian gem back in April before we shipped off to the US. We parked a few blocks away and almost walked past the door to Sette Bacco. The restaurant building looks to be a converted home with a number of individual small rooms with 8 - 10 tables each. On the way to our table we passed a couple rooms that had one large table, perfect location for a quiet dinner with a group. Each room was modestly decorated, with bare concrete walls and exposed brick chair rail, but the simplicity was endearing. There is an outdoor terrace that looks beautiful from the website's photos, but it was full by the time we arrived for dinner at 9:30pm, so we took a table inside. As with most places in Bs.As., the meal started off with a basket of bread, although this particular basket was one to be remembered. We had rolls and twists, both of which were sprinkled with a light sugar dusting - and though I'm not one to like sweet things at dinner - they were delicious. We had a cheeky server who was patient with our limited Spanish skills and was helpful with wine and food selections. We had to laugh because the music changed immediately after we sat down, from Italian opera to Beatles remake songs - we heard Let It Be at least 3 times before the end of the meal, I can only imagine that they were making Jon and I feel more comfortable. For dinner we all chose to go different ways:
I had the crab ravioli, and I should have listened to my inner voice that tells me not to order seafood in Bs.As. The pasta itself was homemade and delicious, but the crab filling and the sauce were a bit thin. I was hoping for some lump crab in the middle but it came up a little short. I blame this on poor ordering on my part, I've made this mistake before.
Sole had a better version of ravioli, and for the life of me, I cannot remember what exactly was in it. I know it was toasted and served in an alfredo-style sauce. I'm not going to lie, she ordered better than I did.

Juan ordered his regular dish, the lamb with corn pudding - pictured on the left. He orders it every time they go to Sette Bacco, and it was a great choice. Nice tender cut of meat surrounded by a rich and tasty sauce. The corn pudding was different than I had ever seen in a restaurant here, and they did a nice job of it, fluffy and light.
Jon, of course, ordered the steak with a side of scalloped potatoes. The steak came with a creamy peppercorn sauce and per usual, was more steak than anyone would expect to receive on one plate. The great food presentation was in the desserts, of which we ordered more than we could finish. The most lovely of the desserts was their yin-yang mousse, a chocolate mousse sphere on top of a chocolate cookie base displayed in an adorable 1960s pop culture symbol. I was mocked when I chose this dessert, considering it was the only one listed "para compartir" (to share). It was worth it though, if only I had more space to finish the dish, I'll have to use more self control while eating the bread next time.

The food was quite good, and I loved the ambiance. This restaurant has lots of character, next time we go we will make reservations to sit on their adorable terrace.

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