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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Belly Unveiled

It's time. 

I was waiting until I had something to show to put pregnancy belly pictures on the blog, and by now I am most certainly showing.  I've added an album to my Shameless Photo Sharing list for all of those that are interesting in tracking my growing panza (belly).  This belly is sure to grow even larger after our substitute-Thanksgiving next Saturday - remember there is no Thanksgiving down here so no one gets the day off of work.

I would like to mention that this whole empire-waist-style clothing trend is AMAZING for pregnant ladies.  These non-maternity-yet-maternity-possible clothes like double my wardrobe.  And they don't cost a zillion dollars like normal maternity stuff does.  I would kill for a Target these days.  

And for those that are not interested in the belly - I will resume my normal Buenos Aires-themed posts now :)  Enjoy the weekend everyone!


  1. Dawn, you are adorable! Thanks for sharing!!! Love the hair as well:)

  2. Dawn, you look so great!! We are loving the belly pics around here--keep 'em coming! We are thrilled for y'all and know that you will just ADORE being parents and having a little one to snuggle and love. We are so sorry we missed you when you were here . . . Anna was born on 10/18 and I was forbidden from travelling (and was pretty tired, too). We love y'all and are just so excited for you! Keep us posted on things!
    xoxo, shannon, hatch, and babes

  3. who wouldn't be interested!?!?! I'm dying to know more about the belly/baby. Like names? Have you decided? Are you telling anyone? so excited! Hope the pregnancy is treating you well.