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Friday, November 26, 2010

One Year, Can You Believe It?

As you may have noticed, I've been a bit slack on my postings lately so I have missed both one year anniversary dates for Jon's and my arrival in Argentina (we arrived separately due to my visa delay issues) BUT I have made it in time for another very important anniversary.  It was one year ago today that we moved into our apartment here in Buenos Aires.

One Year!  Can you believe it!?  (Cue Jon Lovitz as Hanukkah Harry SNL skit - "Eight pair!  Can you believe it?! - absolutely one of the funniest SNL skits ever.  If you haven't seen it, look it up, I would post the video but NBC refuses to stream internationally...)

So much has changed in a year. Welcome to my blogging version of a "clip-show".

A year ago today my horrid Coto grocery delivery experience happened, and now I'm ordering from Jumbo, Disco and Quinta Fresca virtually every week. 

A year ago, I couldn't imagine cooking in Argentina without a suitcase (or two) filled with ingredients from the US.  Now, this same suitcase is certainly appreciated (and requested) but I am confident that I can cook 99% of the items with substitutions I find here in the stores.

Our Spanish still has a ways to go, but we are both confident going into a taxi, restaurant or store and communicating what we need.  A year ago I ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad that came with tuna on top - I HATE tuna - but I ate it because I didn't know how to say that it was wrong.  Today I would send that salad back in a heartbeat - and that, my friends, is progress. 

In the last year I have figured out how to grow things - most fondly, basil.  Compare my current basil plants on the left to those just a few months ago.  An amazing feat after the numerous rounds of dead plants that I threw away while Jon shook his head.

Over the past year we have been lucky enough to have lots of great visitors, taken several amazing vacations, made lots of new friends and even said good-bye to some friends that have moved away. Here are some highlights from our last year in Argentina:
Our friends Kelly and Tabo who have sadly moved an hour outside of Buenos Aires
My brother Chris and I in Puerto Madero during his visit in June
My Mom, Pat and Miguel at Estancia Oriental in March
Jon and his parents at Iguazu Falls during their trip in April
My family enjoying National's Stadium in May

Jon and Shankar at his 30th birthday party

Our amazing friends who threw us a baby shower in October

My brother Robbie and I - and a bag of Tostidos - with some adorable VT baby slippers

My wonderful friends Julie and Sarah that came to visit me in Virginia in October
Our friends the Wilsons who came with their beautiful family for a visit from Venezuela

All in all, it's been an incredible and adventure filled year for the Gill Family.  Considering that we expect to be living here for a while longer, we will certainly have lots of new adventures in the upcoming months/year.  We hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey Day (and that my parents enjoyed their 32nd wedding anniversary!) and we are very much looking forward to our next, huge round of visitors at Christmas.  To our next year here in Argentina!

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  1. Great post. Sorry I will not be there for Christmas. Glad I was able to make it down before I came back to Antarctica for the last time. Looks like you’re getting the hang of things there. Sure is better than a wild adventure to Huston, TX.
    Your brother,
    and soon to be Uncle Chris