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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wall Decals - Tacky or Amazing?

I'm no expert, but I would put my money on the US being the world capital of variety. When we go back to the US I spend at least a few days skipping and singing down the multiple aisles of cereal choices in Giant or marveling at the cheese selection at Wegmans. There is certainly something to be said for overindulgence and how people certainly don't need 100 different types of chips to choose from - but then again, it's a choice that I took for granted until we moved to a place that didn't offer the variety that we were accustomed to in America. When we found out we were expecting a baby, I started looking for nursery decor in Buenos Aires and I realized that the variety (and convenience) that I had come to expect from the US was not extended to our current city. So, instead of praying for a Target or Toys R Us, I decided to go minimalist on our nursery decor, if nothing else this would save me the stress of searching for things that cannot be found.

Then we went visited home in October and our friends threw us a beautiful baby shower and the decorating bug hit me again. All these questions had no answer - What color are you painting the nursery? What's your theme? Are you doing stencils or wallpaper? Uh, no, we're not doing any of that, and the theme is whatever currently exists in the room. My desire for variety and mega stores was stronger than ever. So, in a fit of feeling inadequate, I searched Amazon for wall decals and bought the cutest ones I saw.

They arrived and I opened the package expecting to be amazed. They were beyond disappointing. I don't really know what I was expecting, I knew they weren't going to look real. I mean, trees and flowers don't grow out of walls so this wasn't really a surprise. What I did know was that they were, in a word, tacky.

Cut to a few months later, I am much more pregnant and our 15-foot-tall nursery walls are looking even more bare than before. So I broke out the wall decals and thought I would give it a go.
The cherry tree decals
Long stem pink flowers
I'm kind of in love. I think they look adorable. And, if you are renting your apartment, or if your child grows out of the pink flowers, you just peel them off the walls.

Or, if you hate them after a few days, you can peel them off the walls and pretend it never happened.

You be the judge; tacky, or adorably convenient?


  1. My opinion of decorating (especially a nursery) holds absolutely no merit, but I'll say that I like them! I think the flowers look nicer than the trees, but they both add a very nice touch. Good find :)

  2. Love the cherry blossoms! Ps go steelers! Hard to believe they are playing the packers! Bet you are excited! Joann