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Monday, August 25, 2014

11 Month Countdown

11 months was quite the roller coaster for this little munchkin!

He got 2 more teeth, he's on a two-a-month schedule now. You can barely see the top ones in this picture, but he has the front four set.

He started walking. First on furniture, then from item to item a step or two between. Then he walked by me in the playroom as if he'd done it all his life.

With walking came the discovery of everything above eye level in the house. With Gretchen, this meant that she went terrorizing through our apartment grabbing the highest things within reach. With Alex, this means that he spends his days opening and closing the tupperware cabinets, taking out all of the plastic kids plates, then putting them back. He cannot get enough of the plastic ware.

He also decided that he cannot live without mom. By his side. All. Day. Long. When I leave the room, even for a moment, he is very unhappy. Like in this photo where I was right below him in the house ironing. He is up in the toy room with Dad, Gretchen and a zillion toys but yet cannot pull it together. It makes daily life difficult, but is also incredibly nice to be wanted.

He got salmonella. It was horrible. So much worse than all of the "it was such a bummer when I got food poisoning, it totally ruined my vacation" stories that everyone told me. We got through it, with very little sleep and lots of anxiety, though it took the better part of 3 weeks.... I don't have a picture of that.

But I do have this little gem when we spent the morning pushing the cooler around the house! Such a precious boy!

This age of curiosity and ability seems to be easier than when it came around with Gretchen. Maybe we were more prepared? Maybe we're more relaxed now? Who knows, I just can't believe we have an 11 month old.

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