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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Somebody's hair was getting long! Not ponytail long, but there was some serious shag around the ears and it was driving a certain Daddy crazy.

 So we headed to Cartoon Cuts. Alex was a bit uncertain about the haircut at first, lots of trepidation on his face, but he held still, didn't fuss and ended up really enjoying it.

Not to be outdone, big sister requested a "really little trim, I still want hair like Rapunzel." This was Gretchen's first non-mommy haircut. She was really excited about the spray that smelled like grapes and getting to watch Lightening McQueen while getting the trim.

And this is our 10.5 month old's SECOND salon cut. He has this amazing mop of hair that makes him look like a mini-grown up.

I can't stand the cuteness!

You know who didn't  need two haircuts at 10.5 months? This girl!! Although look at how similar these two rugrats look with similar haircuts. Clearly siblings.

Haircuts done, we are trimmed and ready for the new school year that just started on Wednesday. Gretchen anticipated her first day for a week or so beforehand, and was prepped and ready to go Wednesday morning. When did she become such a big kid?

These little chicos are becoming big chicos before my very eyes. Between Alex's haircut and two (!) new front teeth, and Gretchen's tallness and enthusiasm for school, before I know it they will be sleeping in on the weekends and having sleepovers. Phew, I'm having trouble keeping up!

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