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Friday, August 28, 2015

First Day of Preschool

This is a big year for the Gill children. It's Gretchen's last year of preschool and it's Alex's first. It is one of the only years that they will be in the same school. Exciting milestones all around. 

Gretchen was so excited for her first day that she made each of her teachers a "Happy First Day of School" card. Alex shared in her excitement, though he didn't start until the following day which was a source of extreme sadness when we had to drop Gretchen at school and Alex didn't get to stay. For the morning, they were both all smiles. 

We took some first day of school photos on the front lawn. The sun was extreme, as were the shadows. This is Gretchen's favorite "strike a pose" pose. It's a little bit teapot, a little bit Statue of Liberty. It's pretty darn cute.

The next morning was Alex's first day, and this was when I learned my lesson about the shadows and the sun... so we changed locations and took pictures in the back yard. After a quick breakfast shot. I love the early morning kiddo-in-pajamas look.

Now these are the first day of school pictures I was dreaming of. Big smiles, precious little ones, excited faces and two thumbs up.

One of my favorite pictures of our littles. So clearly siblings.
And as usual it quickly went from super smiles and getting along to goofing around,

To a little bit too much loving and then, ultimately, to bickering. 

But holy cow, are these two photogenic! The smiles! The piercing blue eyes! My loves going to school!

They love their school and so do we. I love this year of them being together, though the idea of Alex being old enough for preschool and this being Gretchen's last year of preschool blows my mind. Here's to a wonderful year of new beginnings and enjoying these sweet times before the "real" school experience starts.

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