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Monday, October 5, 2015

Alexander Turns 2

Perspective. It's an incredible thing. Our baby boy turned 2 years old and he looks so big, so grown up. I feel like he's graduated from baby to kid in such a short time. When I think of a 2 year old, it's a milestone where we start packing away the blinking musical toys and the puffy books, the bottles and the sippy cups. 

It starts to make me sad, until I look back into the past, only about 2.5 years ago we celebrated this very event with a little girl. Now the funny thing about perspective is that when I see this picture I see a baby. She feel so much younger than I would have guessed. It gives me hope that I still have baby time left with Alex. It also reminds me that there is so much fun, spunk, development, learning and growing to be done yet. He may be two, but he's still a baby. Just don't tell him that.

Alex adores the local Children's Museum so we held his birthday party there on his actual birthday. Turns out that football season makes Sunday mornings the perfect time to visit the Children's Museum, a good tip for anyone who prefers to avoid crowds.

Little man had a great time roaming the museum with his sister and his buddies. The train table is always a highlight, as is the hollowed out truck that kids can steer and push buttons inside. There is a great sensory area with uncooked rice for the kids to play with like sand, dress up clothes and a whole market filled with fake food to pile into your shopping cart and take to the checkout counter. It's a little kid's paradise! 
The also have a great fish tank that provided this great photo opportunity for Alex and Daddy.

The most anticipated moment was the same at this birthday than at every other birthday party: the Cake. This is Alex's first theme cake, which it took not time at all for him to choose. Thomas the Train was a clear winner, and the plastic cake-topper train didn't leave Alex's hand for a solid two weeks. 

This may be the only time that day that Gretchen and Talia sat long enough for a picture

Does Alex look excited to you? We are a family of cake-lovers.
The family picture plus cake is never our best shot. Alex's thought bubble might as well be "why am I not eating cake?"
Happy Birthday little man! Two years old and ready to take on the world!

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