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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We finally tried Broccolino, a restaurant that was recommended to me before we even left the US. This restaurant is interestingly split into two sections, I'm not sure what the difference is, but we went to the location closer to Cordoba. It looked as though the servers were walking between the two locations, they are literally 2 doors away from each other. The red table-clothed tables make the restaurant look great, but they are so close together we actually had to move the table to get our legs underneath. Broccolino has a huge Italian menu to choose from, the recommendation given to me was for the calamari, so I knew we were ordering that for sure. They have 2 calamari options on the menu, regular calamari fritti and calamari Broccolino. We went for the Broccolino and were not disappointed. The dish was battered and fried calamari that was then sauteed in a white wine and shallot sauce. It was delicious.

For entrees, a full two pages of the menu offers your choice of dry or fresh pasta with a number of different sauces and ingredient options. Our table ordered all pasta; I had a tomato sauce dish with olives, artichokes and capers, someone else ordered lasagna and then two people ordered the a spicy pasta dish. We laugh because it's very rare to find a spicy dish here, and not only was it on the menu but they brought a sauce to make the dish "mas picante" if we wanted.

The meal was great, we all really enjoyed the restaurant and will definitely be back. Great recommendation.

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