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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gran Bar Danzon

Located at 1161 Libertad, Recoleta, Gran Bar Danzon is brought to you by the owners of Sucre, a very highly rated restaurant that we have not tried yet. If you didn't know the address, you could easily walk right by, it only has a single door on the street that leads directly to a candle-lit staircase. The atmosphere is very trendy and posh, with low lighting and couches at the entrance. Once past the couches, you can't help but notice their enormous bar that is complete with every liquor you can imagine. The menu is small, but each item is delicately made and delicious. The wine list is impressive, the menu itself needs an index it's so long. They serve unique pastas and meat dishes and a decent selection of sushi. This last visit we took my mom and her friend to Gran Bar during one of their nights in Bs As. I highly recommend the salmon tempura roll, we generally order it as an appetizer, it's served with a chipotle mayonnaise that is spicy and delicious. For this meal I ordered the pork spring that comes with a spicy mango and banana dipping sauce. The spring roll was extremely salty (this coming from a true salt-a-holic) and the pork was stringy. I will go back to the tempura roll for my next visit.

For our entrees, we each ordered something unique. Jon had a beautiful eye of beef with a cheese and corn pudding cake on the side. My Mom had a fresh linguini pasta dish filled with shrimp, tomatoes, fresh basil and sun dried tomatoes. My Mom's friend Pat ordered the most interesting dish of the group of us, the white salmon atop a crab omelette. Each one of us had a great meal, the spring rolls were the only disappointment. All in all, Gran Bar Danzon is a great place to go for a pleasant night out or a special occasion, reservations are recommended but we have walked in on a slow night and been given a table.

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