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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sushi Club

Ave 9 de Julio 1465, Recoleta. Prior to moving here, sushi for us meant getting takeout from Whole Foods. Then our friends Juan and Sole introduced us to Sushi Club, and our whole world of sushi changed. There are a whole bunch of Sushi Club locations and we've been to a few of them. Each location is decorated with interesting cool details, comfortable couch-like chairs and really chic light fixtures. In addition to great sushi, they also offer an extensive drink list (items with and without alcohol) and a drink of the day. Our favorite item here is called "Boom" (I think, it's an appetizer) although strangely enough, it's not available on Mondays. The Puerto Madero location has a really cool outdoor seating area - we'll head back that way as soon as the mosquitoes clear out.

As with most places in Buenos Aires, Sushi Club delivers. We have gotten really spoiled and ordered delivery the last few times we have enjoyed their sushi. The best part for us is that they have an easy online ordering system that allows us to order our meal without the painful Spanish phone conversation that normally ensues. We order online, they call 5 minutes later and confirm our order and deliver it an hour or so later. In a strange twist from typical US ordering, delivery is free, they give a 15% discount for just about everything (because it's Wednesday, because you have a certain internet provider, because you belong to our gym) and they throw in a free dessert just for using their online ordering system.

Sushi here is slightly different than what we are used to in the US, although we like it just the same. They love to put Philadelphia cream cheese in the sushi rolls. Generally, the rolls are pretty simple, with some sort of cream cheese, avocado, fish and rice combination. They add or subtract one of the ingredients and call it by a different name. My favorite has fried shrimp, avocado and rice. The delivery orders are served in this cute little boat thing with your choice of sauces, wasabi and ginger. Last night they also threw in some poppy seed rolls just for the fun of it. The only downside is that Sushi Club is a little on the pricey side, so it can't be an every week meal.

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