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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ave del Libertador 690, Recoleta - If any place has become our "go-to" restaurant stop, it is probably Liber. Located at the corner of Libertador and Libertad (is that confusing or what?) this little restaurant is great for a lunch stop, a coffee outside or a casual dinner. They have a large menu with all sorts of goodies, everything from breakfast to post-dinner snacks. They have a great little indoor seating area with two levels, although I've never seen anyone on the upper level. They also have a small outdoor seating area which is nice when you're alone, but it's located on the 8-lane road, Libertador, so it's a bit noisy if you're with anyone that you want to talk with. The service is prompt and friendly and their food is simple but fresh and well-made. They have full alcohol and coffee bars, with heavy wine pours. I am partial to the open faced sandwiches, served on huge, crispy french bread. They also have a few fresh bruscetta appetizer options that could easily make an entire meal. They have a cafe atmosphere with a full restaurant menu and we can easily walk out of Liber with a total dinner bill of under US$30. All in all, if we are ever in a pinch for a meal, Liber is the clear choice.

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