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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Un Altra Volta

Quintana 456, Recoleta - Un Altra Volta is an ice cream/coffee/chocolates place. As part of Argentina's history, at one time there was an enormous Italian immigration that resulted in plenty of great Italian restaurants and a large number of gelato-style ice cream shops. Out of the numerous places to stop for ice cream (helados), Volta is by far our favorite. We have not tried them all, but I can say that it's the best ice cream I have ever had. If you're a caramel fan, the dulce de leche flavor is heaven. There are many variations of dulce de leche as well, some with cookies, chocolate pieces or bon bons mixed in with the creamy delight. We are both partial to their flavors that start with "Caramel and..." Jon prefers peanuts, I like the cappuccino. In your cuarto-kilo (my size in the picture) you can get up to 3 flavors (strawberry, dulce de leche and cappuccino caramel pictured). That day, Jon got a cone cup with dulce de leche and mango. I think he regretted the mango part. There is a short list of "Light" flavors that taste virtually as good as the originals. I have never asked to see the nutritional information so I couldn't tell you how light they really are. The best part here is that they are on every corner (almost) near us. Nix that. The best part is that they deliver.

Now that we have a small amount of Spanish and can hold a phone conversation without breaking into a sweat, we have become more reliant on the delivery option. From Capital Federal, you can call 4783-4048 and have delicious Volta delivered to you within the hour. Here is super-smiles Jon standing with our most recent home delivery of Volta, you'll notice the adorable little containers that come packed with plastic, dry ice and tape to keep the lids on. You may wonder why there are 3 containers for 2 people - for some reason when we called this time they asked us if we wanted to take advantage of an extra quarto-kilo for $10 pesos more. My answer was "Absolutely!". Delivery is free and the driver is happy for any tip you are willing to give them. This is a great option if you are ordering a larger amount of ice cream because they pack it extremely well in Styrofoam and dry ice and it keeps well in the freezer.

Un Altra Volta also offers sit down service in most of their many locations. All locations also sell small chocolate pieces and the larger locations also have a full service coffee bar. I know that we generally go there with a plan; get in, get ice cream, enjoy, so we have not taken advantage of their other offerings.

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