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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Passport Renewal Update

So in my growing list of blogging delinquencies, here is a post I meant to update a few weeks ago.  If you remember, on Friday, July 23, I took Jon's passport to the US Embassy for Renewal because it was getting seriously close to expiring.   The Embassy was incredibly efficient and, shockingly, came through with all of their promises, the main promise was that we would receive the passports back within 10 working days. 

I didn't realize until I got home that the DHL stand at the Embassy somehow recorded my name as Daun Gorgani (aka - Dawn Giorgiani) on the delivery slip.  Exactly 8 working days later, Jon received a call asking if it was alright to mail his old and new passport to this mysterious Daun Gorgani - just as a safety precaution.  I'm not gonna lie, this impressed me.

Come August 6, exactly 10 working days later, I had Jon's fancy new passport (and old used up passport) in my hands.  He even has that spiffy new chip in the front page that has every piece of relevant information to his entire identity.  Hooray for new passports!

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