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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Return to the Ice

As I write this, my middle brother Chris is in New Zealand anxiously waiting for the last leg of his trip around the world. The flight will leave sometime in the next few days, as soon as the weather cooperates. You see, they can't land a plane when the temperature is too low and currently, it's -40F in Antarctica, where Chris is headed.

It feels like just a few weeks ago that I was writing about Chris's return from Antarctica, and here he is, headed back to the ice for another 6 month trip. He claims that this trip will be his last. We shall see.

I mean, how could he give up great company like this:

And, embarrassingly, I'm waiting in anticipation for my Feedjit Live Traffic Map to show the coveted red dot on Antarctica. I am shameless in my love for followers, subscribers and those little red dots all over the world showing that people actually read my blog.

I will also look forward to phone calls in the middle of the night, considering that the 15 hour time difference doesn't not lend many hours of common awake time for phone calls.

This time around, Chris will also be spending a month at the South Pole, a place only imagined by most. I imagine there is some sort of red and white stripped barber's pole down there, now I will find out for sure.

Good luck to Chris and his team! Stay warm, take lots of pictures, and try not to go camping in the cold.


  1. love the new site design, Dawn! (this is my first visit to your blog since you changed it up.) You should follow my blog and bring me up to a whopping 9 followers :)

  2. Thanks Katy! As for the following - done and done!