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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nail Salons: Part 2

As I continue my quest for the perfect nail salon, I have a few more contenders to add to the mix. As you may remember from my original Nail Salon post, I am searching for a good, clean, affordable pedicure place in Buenos Aires, and though there are a zillion salons to choose from I have found this to be tricky criteria to fulfill. Here are my most recently visited spots:

Fancy Fingers & Ladygardens
Located in a private residence in Barrio Norte on Parana. House visits also available, with the additional cost of transportation.
15-1300-8565, but email contact is preferred.
A friend originally recommended Sarah, the creator of Fancy Fingers & Ladygardens, as a good waxing person in the city. I visited her website and realized that she had much more to offer than just an eyebrow wax. Sarah and company offer nail services waxing and massages all for incredibly reasonable prices. She operates out of her apartment, which would be strange if she wasn't so incredibly nice and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her for waxing services as well, she has the cleanest room and supplies that I've seen in the city. With regard to her nail services, she gave a seriously thorough pedicure. She used a portable soaking tub (She used water! Hooray!) and unlike every other place I've gone that has used water, she used hot water and actually plugged the tub in for some foot-sauna action (every other place has used a similar tub, but cut the power cord off, thus, never plugging it in). The absolute best part of the whole experience was that she gave a great massage both during the pedicure and manicure. The massage is included in the cost of the service too, so you don't have to specifically request it or anything - music to my ears. Sarah had a pretty large variety of colors to choose from, although she readily admits that she wishes she had more O.P.I. brand, but they are ridiculously expensive here. This enjoyable morning of pampering was augmented by her pet turtle that wandered around the apartment while I was there - I thought this was adorable. Sarah is my new favorite, you feel like you've known her for years after 10 minutes or so, and I've already recommended her to my friends.
Products: B+ for color selection, A+ for cleanliness
Services: A
Facility: B+, it's just a tiny bit strange to be in someone's home for spa services.
Price: $100 pesos for a manicure/pedicure combo - excellent!

Estila Recoleta
Av. Pueyrredon 2436
This small hair salon actually offers a nice manicure/pedicure combination. I walked in without an appointment and was helped immediately. I sat on a 1960s-style white pleather couch for both services and it was one of the more comfortable seating arrangements that I have come across. They used a water foot bath, clipped and scrubbed and the whole nine yards. They had a pretty limited selection of colors, but the colors I choose lasted for a really long time without chipping. There was no massage, which is pretty normal here but now that I've had one included in the service I feel like I was shorted. I like Estila Recoleta, they were clean and prompt and friendly. My only complaint was that it was really hot in the salon to the point where I requested that the AC be turned on. Why the AC wasn't on already on a hot summer day is beyond me. Also, there are two types of pedicures to choose from, if you want more than just a paint-job, you need to specify at the door that you want a "pedicuria".
Products: C
Services: B
Facility: B+
Price: $98 pesos for a manicure/pedicure combo

Av. del Libertador 902
I won't spend too much time on this review because this was by far the worst pedicure I've ever had. Disappointing too because this is the closest salon to my house, but it was really dismal. I walked in without an appointment, and although they were not busy and took me back right away, the woman mentioned multiple times that I really should have called first. I sat in a standard haircut chair while the technician sat across from me in a cafeteria-style plastic seat. She used a foot bath tub, but then had me prop my feet up on her knees which immediately soaked through with water. Not to mention that I've got a huge baby belly and have a hard time lifting my feet up to her knee level. It was incredibly uncomfortable, and then she cut me to the point of bleeding in at least 3 spots. Gross. I will not be back, with or without an appointment.
Products: C
Services: F
Facility: C
Price: $120 pesos for a pedicure. Most expensive pedicure I've had in BsAs.

I stand by my previous recommendation of The Nail Company and will add Estila Recoleta to the recommendation list. If you have time to make an appointment, definitely call Sarah at Fancy Fingers, she is really worth the forethought.

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  1. Kelli told me that pedicures could send you into an early labor :) Haha just FYI!