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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh, My Heart!

A phrase stolen from our friends Shannon and Hatch's blog, The Reppard Crew, about their adorable family.  Shannon uses this phrase often, and I love it, and it best described my feelings towards our nursery.

Welcome to our changing area.  Complete with my childhood clown, the rocking chair my husband sought out for my birthday this year and the wall decal flowers that I have grown to love.
Continuing on to the reading nook. Could that polka dot rug match our room any more perfectly?! Also, the dark wood hutch is another relic from my childhood, I remember being the same height as the hutch and playing with it in the kitchen (my mom wallpapered the hutch shelves to match the kitchen walls, so it felt even more real.). Now it makes the perfect bookcase for our little one. 

And here is the crib, which we purchased in Buenos Aires at a store called Quartos on Belgrano Street. The crib styles are a little different here, much lower to the ground and larger mattress area.  In this style, the crib will eventually convert to a toddler bed and the furniture pieces at the end of the bed will be removed and become nightstands.

And on the other side of the room are the closets split by a built in TV stand.  We're using it as an extra piece of furniture to hold our electronics (humidifier, sound machine, etc.) and a cutie little desk lamp. 

There you have it!  Our room is set, all we need now is the baby - and with only 6 weeks to go, we cannot wait!


  1. SO ADORABLE!!! I actually think the crib is SO FREAKING cute. B would be climbing out of it by now but I'm already predicting a very calm, rule-abiding baby girl Gill so you'll be fine!!! Can't wait to see it in person one of these days! It's getting so close...you look GREAT! ALLLL baby!! Forget what any doc says!

  2. The room is beautiful! Love from Grandma Beth

  3. The room is so perfect. Can I sleep on the floor when I come to visit? On the excitement scale we are at 100!
    Gran Gill

  4. LOVE IT!! you have a future in nursery design, my friend. can't wait to see pictures of your little one when she arrives. thinking about you guys!! it is snowy and cold here in boston. we are missing warm BsAs weather.

  5. LOVE your nursery! It is adorable and I know that you will cherish your time with your sweet love in her little room. I can't wait to hear more! Do y'all have a name picked out yet? Keep us posted and be sure that we're on the list of folks to be in the know when "it's time!" xoxo

  6. From a pro...the decorating is adorable. You will love having the toddler bed later. It's the best thing in the world when potty training later. Love the baby pictures! Jill