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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disco Online Delivery

My first soiree into online grocery ordering was with my most frequented supermercado, Disco. They have a pretty advanced website, Discovirtual, although the site is in Spanish so it took me a little longer to navigate. Here are some bullet points on how to order:
  • Before your first online order, you need to register as a user either with your DNI (Argentine national identity number that we haven't received yet) or your passport number and a password. This is when you store personal information such as your address, phone number and any sort of additional information that helps with the delivery.
  • After registry is complete, click on "Ingresar a Comprar" to begin shopping.
  • Start by choosing a delivery date and time, the time slots are available in 3 hour windows.
  • Proceed to the "store" part of the site. Items are divided into categories like cleaning, beverages or meats.
  • Once you find an item to purchase, indicate the number of items you want and click on the cart. **I like that your cart is always visible on the right-hand side of the screen. You can see all of the items you have added and the total cost of your order at all times.
  • If you click on an item, a pop-up window appears with additional product information. This includes the option of choosing a back-up item in case the product you choose is out of stock.
  • After the order is complete, click on "ir a la caja". This will direct you to a payment screen - you can choose credit, debit or cash.
Overall, four out of five stars.
The Disco ordering system was quite good. I really like the automatic substitution option and the website is clear and easy to use. The best feature is the "Compras Express" which saves items purchased in previous orders in an easily accessed list, thus saving you the time of searching for some of your regular items each time you buy. There were a couple of improvements that would give it that additional star:
  1. Some products are missing photographs, and this really dampens my day. I somehow bought 6 packs of "Disney's Cars" themed tiny tissue boxes in place of the normal adult Kleenex tissues that I was expecting. Jon ridiculed me for at least a few days. They were pretty funny to have around the house.
  2. Disco is a bit smaller than some of the other supermercados so not all items are available in their stores, and even fewer items are available through their website. Using their delivery option almost guarantees that I need to make a small store run the following day for random items.
  3. It would be nice to offer a guide to purchasing items online, products purchased in weight are difficult to estimate. For example, I have no idea how many kilos of eggplant I need. My guess of .5 kilos landed me with 7 eggplant, and Jon doesn't even really like them.
These are all minor points in an overall great experience. I plan on using this service often, especially for the major shopping that I do about once a month.

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