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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Basil: FAIL

It's been four weeks since I planted this year's herb crop and I'm not surprised to report that the basil has died an untimely death.  If you remember from my Herb Garden - Take 4 post, basil is my nemesis.  I planted a few different herbs, including basil, as seeds and bought some healthy looking basil plants to try a double barreled approach to keeping basil alive.  Here are my existing plants a few days after I replanted them:
Healthy basil
And here are my basil plants today:
Basil after the Dawn kiss-of-death
I'm not sure what exactly happened to my crop, but between the week of constant clouds, cold weather and rain immediately after planting and the inevitable hand of death that I bring to the table, these guys were against the odds.  There are two lone soldiers that have made it through the basil apocalypse, and they are my last little stalks of hope.  

There is good news.  The last of the basil plants are actually growing.  The seeds that I planted are also growing - and I've got my fingers crossed that some of them are actually basil plants.  They seem to be getting a slow start, they've been growing for a month and only a few of them have developed a second set of leaves, but here's hoping that they keep on growing! 

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