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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quinta Fresca

So the last grocery delivery site in my little experiment is Quinta Fresca, which in contrast, is not a stand alone store but a delivery-only shop.  This little operation is by far the most advanced website of the three that I tried.  Some of the features include:
  • Shopping guides.  Input the number of people you are shopping for and the website generates approximately how much of each item needed for a week.  You can then alter the items recommended before adding to your cart.
  • Information regarding the products.  When you mouse over each item a window pops up with information such as where the item originates, the current quality, how to store it, how long it will keep after delivery, etc.  
  • Price information.  Each product lists if the current price is above or below average for the item.
  • Quality.  The site lists outright if the product is not recommended due to low quality.  This is much better than receiving crappy veggies!
They are a small shop, but offer fruits, vegetables, meats. wines, pastas, fresh flowers and fresh herbs.  This isn't the place where you'll do all of your shopping, but it's like having a farmer's market that delivers.

Overall 5 out of 5 stars.
It's not fair to compare Quinta Fresca to the rest of the stores that I ordered from, they aren't of the same weight-class.  For what it is, Quinta Fresca does a bang up job.  Great customer service, prompt delivery times, and really quality products.  They are close to being a once a week order for us, but they're quality is unparalleled.  Jon noticed that this was the first time since we moved that we had vegetables as clean as we did in the US, normally we have to take the scrubber to them for at least a minute or two.  That's worth it, if nothing else. 


  1. Who knew clean vegetables would be so hard to find? :)

  2. Good find! Love these updates! Hi from Lake Titicaca.
    Big hug, Allison and Scott