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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jumbo Online Delivery

After my experience with Disco's Online Delivery I decided to try my luck with Jumbo, my other grocery shopping go-to.  My hope was that I could use Disco and Jumbo delivery the same way I use them for "live" shopping, Disco for once-a-week stuff and Jumbo for the big monthly shop.  This turned out to be possible, but not quite as perfect as I had imagined.

To start off, the main Jumbo website has a link to register for their home delivery - every time I attempted to sign up using this link I would end up on a "site maintenance, try again later" style screen.  I tried a number of times over the course of 2 weeks before I stumbled upon the other Jumbo site, Jumbo a Casa, which was where I successfully signed up for their delivery service. 

After sign up, the Jumbo site was almost identical to the Disco site, they seem to be owned/operated by the same company.  Jumbo offers the same delivery windows, the same user functionality and the same features such as "compras express" which will save your previous orders for easy retrieval.  Jumbo has a much larger selection of items like cleaning products, imported items and paper products making the online delivery option even more appealing.

Overall 3 out of 5 stars.
Everything I liked about the Disco ordering system applies for Jumbo, as the websites are virtually identical.  In addition, the Jumbo selection makes it slightly more appealing - they have just about double the items that Disco offers.
Here are the reasons the Jumbo rates lower than Disco on my highly technical star rating system:
  1. Jumbo was out of at least 10 of the items that I ordered - granted they called to inform me of this, but some of their substitute items were really different than what I had originally requested.  For example, I ordered some filet mignon and they substituted something they called "roast beef' that was fatty, thin and nothing at all like filet. 
  2. When I ordered 100 count tissues, they gave me 60 count mini-tissue travel packs.  I'm sorry, what?!  Why can I not order normal tissues online??  After my Disco tissue issues, this might be an in-store only item for me, I can't give Jon more reasons to mock my tissue ordering skills.  Good thing it's allergy season and we actually might go through a zillion mini tissue packs in a reasonable amount of time.  
  3. My expectations were higher.  Due to store size and number of items available I thought Jumbo would surpass Disco in the delivery department.  This really wasn't the case.  Out of the three stores I have ordered from, Jumbo was the least impressive. 
The other thing to consider when ordering from Jumbo is that they may not deliver to your door.  I've heard that they have some sort of store policy that prohibits them from entering any sort of multi-apartment communities, which a lot of people live in here in the city.  We have not had this issue, but certainly something to keep in mind.  In general, I will probably stick with Disco when ordering large amounts online, but it is nice to have a backup plan in Jumbo.  

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